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A New Chapter for The Rapid List Building System

The old third-party system is gone and the new self-managed system is starting to take shape, I’ve got already 2 products added to my new online shop here at The Rapid List Building System and I hope that you like the new look and me taking total control on every little part.


If you are somewhat familiar with the previous system that I was using for this website (URL) you know that it wasn’t really the best looking system, the backoffice wasn’t mobile responsive, and https wasn’t used when it really should be so I decided to ditch the system completely and start over new with a blank slate…

Only now I’m managing the whole website and autoresponder service the marketplace and the webshop on a WordPress based website which gives me total control to everything, just the way I like it.

Of course if you’re someone still holding on to the old system (free or paid) you can keep using it if you want but I recommend you to follow my footsteps and start thinking about migrating to the new and better system which is WordPress based with extended functionality for E-Commerce a Ready made ClickBank Marketplace with more than 12,000 products and can be used for every niche.

And now I can guarantee that whenever you fill out a form, navigate to your cart or checkout pages that https is used and you don’t see very much difference except that your browser shows you that you’re on a secure network using https if you look deeper into what’s behind a website and you’re concerned what will happen with your personal data this will give you peace of mind, I know that I feel a lot better and I can sleep at night knowing that you’re always safe on my website…

In short this is gonna be a much better website.


What’s coming to you?

Well, now that I’ve started completely over new after more than 2 years using the same old system and completely managing everything myself I know exactly what’s needed to get your website up and running exactly as the one you’re reading on right now…

It’s an exact copy of my site with all the whistles and bells, all the plugins installed and configured the right way from the start and I’ve packaged everything nicely together into one downloadable file containing everything that I’m using on this WordPress website for free and what I’m licensed to share with you at no cost…

Of course there are some premium parts of the complete system such as the RapidMailer software and the CBPress plugin, website hosting, a domain name that you just can’t get for free anywhere online but if you’ll follow my footsteps and using the resources that I will provide at no cost you have your website up and running at ultra low startup costs…

This will be perfect for you if you’re on a budget but you do have time you can invest in learning something new.


How it’s coming to you?

Well, I’m not a big fan of creating videos myself, I’m camera shy, It’s just not my thing so whenever I have videos for you with instructions the content is coming from me but it’s outsourced work that I leave to other people who love to do that so I can focus on more important stuff, that’s sharing valuable and actionable content with you.

I’m using YouTube and Wistia to host my videos most of the time because of the many marketing options these platforms have built-in.

The complete step by step formula to a successful and profitable website for your business will be available in the members only area so you need to have an account to get access to the members only area.

I’ll make screenshots from my own point of view to show you what I’m seeing on my WordPress Website Dashboard, I’ll provide you the files you can use to install all the plugins and I’ll go over the configuration of each and every part of all the plugins and software and give you all the necessary resources you need to get your business started.

This website will be very focussed on list building because that’s the backbone of your business and will be the most important part to help you into a profitable future which will keep providing for a long time.


Please take a few seconds to leave your feedback…

If you like what I’m doing or if you have suggestions, maybe you want me to review something or you just have a lot of general questions please don’t hesitate to leave me your thoughts below in the comments, it’s very helpful to me and very much appreciated here.

So if you have a few seconds leave me a comment, thanks… ­čśë

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Computers and Gadgets is what I'm really passionate about and because of my 20+ years of coding experience most technical stuff is easy for me to understand and I'm able to save a lot of time and money because of it but I didn't have any way to share that with people and pass on some of my knowledge. That's why I started this blog... Coding and building websites is almost the same thing and I really love to experiment with code on my websites and share that with people online. This is how I started with Internet Marketing. Now I'm teaching what I'm doing here on my website and would love to add your success story to my website. Ricardo Penders CEO _SoHarD_dB_w@®Ez_ | The Rapid List Building System

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